Surgical extraction of the tooth is every extraction in the course of which it is necessary to remove the part of the bone. After the surgical removal of the tooth, you will have some stitches in your mouth for 7 days. You need to keep good mouth hygiene when you have stitches so that foods and bacteria do not accumulate on them. Bacteria in the mouth can lead to inflammation of the wound, and therefore it is important to keep the mouth clean.
The tooth should be surgically removed in all cases when due to its position it can not be removed by regular extraction. Also, all the teeth that are in your bone and they are not growing how they should be, need to be extracted surgically. This is the most common case with wisdom teeth.
surgical extractions

Why do you need to have your wisdom tooth removed?

The wisdom teeth are the eighth teeth in the row and they are often in an irregular position. When the tooth is in an irregular position in the bone, then it is not possible for it to grow how it should be growing. In most cases, such teeth may cause a problem in the jaw. They cause bone and gum inflammation. Also, if a wisdom tooth is in such a position that it is inclined towards a neighboring tooth, it can endanger that tooth as well. There are a large number of cases when the wisdom tooth began to grow in the direction of the tooth number 7, so both teeth had to be removed.
This is why it is important to have an x-ray of your teeth and to have his potential problem recognized in time. It is best to remove them in childhood, while they have not yet developed to the end.

Tips after surgical tooth removal:

  • Do not eat until the effect of anesthesia is completely done

  • Do not eat or drink anything that is warm

  • Do not swoosh any fluids in your mouth

  • If we recommend antibiotics and analgesics, you should take them as prescribed

  • Do not take any medications without consulting your dentist

  • Wash your teeth regularly, just pay attention to the part of the jaw where the stitches are so that you do not get hurt. Try to wash your stitches very gently

  • Do not sleep on that side

  • If you swell, put something cold on that part of your face

  • After 7 days, come to your appointment to have your stitches removed

  • If you have a very bad taste in your mouth or notice that the wound is bleeding, let us know

  • If your pain does not go away after you take the analgesics let us know Life Smile Dental by Dr. Navarreteat (305) 558-6832 or request an appointment through this page

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