Dentures are a mobile replacement for missing teeth. They can compensate for some or all of the teeth in the mouth. Sometimes extracted teeth can’t be compensated by the bridge because of an unfavorable layout of remaining teeth in your mouth. In these cases, the missing teeth need to be compensated by the dentures. It is very important to replace all of the missing teeth. In addition to speaking, teeth play a very important role in the digestive system. If you don't have all of your teeth, the food is not sufficiently processed in your mouth. This complicates the digestion of food.

Maintaining the hygiene of dentures is very simple, but it is necessary to keep it regularly. Food that can stick to the dentures will later turn into a tartar, and you will not be able to remove it. After every meal, remove the dentures from the mouth and rinse well with water. Once during the day, brush your dentures with a brush and a toothpaste. Once a week, you can leave your dentures standing overnight in a glass of water with a tartar remover solution.


If you notice any cracks on your denture, contact us immediately. Also, if the denture is unstable, come and we will do the correction for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us Life Smile Dental by Dr. Navarreteat (305) 558-6832 or request an appointment through this page.

Total dentures compensate for all teeth in a jaw. When there is not a single natural tooth that would serve as a stabilizer, then total dentures, especially the lower ones, may be unstable. In such cases, we recommend the installation of 4 mini implants in the jaw, that are used as the anchors.

Having total or partial dentures can make a person’s face look completely different. With a lot of teeth missing, the lower third of the face is reduced, which makes a person looks older. Wrinkles on the face are more pronounced and the lips are lowered. The dentures also affect the tone of the muscles of the face and give the face a younger outline. Muscles are tightened, wrinkles are corrected, and the lips get fuller.

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