Life Smile Dental Practice by Dr. Navarrete has the mission to provide healthy teeth and beautiful smiles for your whole family. When you were young, you learned how to take care of your teeth. Now you need to learn your family, how to do the same thing for their teeth and oral health. In our office, we provide oral health services for the whole family. This includes regular checkups twice a year for all members of your family. It is especially important to teach children that they should go to regular dentist checkups from the earliest age. We will also help you how to teach your child a proper oral hygiene routine. All of this combined will lead to your child having good habits and great oral health.

It is particularly important to learn a child how to maintain oral hygiene. We are at your disposal for this task. The members of our team will show your child how to wash its teeth in a picturesque way. Children’s teeth are particularly susceptible to cavities, so regular checkups are mandatory for them. This is especially important in order to detect a certain problem and to react right away. If we don’t take proper care of our children’s oral health, it can lead to some major problems and traumas for the child.


On regular checkups, that we advise you to do twice a year, we are taking care of the complete health of your mouth. First of all, we take care of the health of your teeth, their position or the aesthetic problem that you may not be satisfied with. Then, we pay special attention to the health of the gums and inflammation that can occur. The cancer screening of the soft tissue of the mouth is mandatory. Also, regular x-ray checkups allow us to monitor the health of your bone and teeth roots. At the end of this checkup, it is necessary to clean and polish all of your teeth and gums.

With these regular checkups, that we advise for you to have twice a year, you can be sure that your family’s oral health will be at a high level. Every possible problem we will be able to spot and resolve in time, without any consequences. Our goal is to make your family healthy and happy.

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