General Dentistry prioritizes preventive oral care. The concept is that if you care properly for your teeth today, you’ll have fewer problems to deal with in the future. A general dentist will examine the overall health of your mouth and teeth. Regardless of how careful you are with maintaining oral care at home, it doesn’t become possible to get rid of all the bacteria and food particles from your mouth. If left untreated, any kind of residue that lingers behind your teeth will ultimately turn into plaque. This leads to gum disease and cavities. It’s a good idea to get general dental exams done every six months. It helps prevent these and many other dental problems.

Types of General Dentistry Treatments:

Professional Teeth Cleanings – As mentioned earlier, it’s important to get dental cleaning done every 6 months. Not only does this improve the appearance of your teeth, but also your overall oral health and that’s exactly what general dentistry focuses on. It’s important to get the plaque removed before it toughens and turns into tartar which results in gum infection.

Dental Exams – This is a basic general dentistry service. The recommendation by the American Dental Association is that a dental examination should be conducted every 6 months. During these examinations, your dentist will be able to identify potential problems before they become aggravated.

Sealants – Since it becomes very difficult to reach your back teeth while brushing, they tend to have plaque buildup, which can cause dental damage. A sealant application creates a shield which prevents food from becoming wedged between your teeth. While this treatment is typically recommended for very young children and teens, it can also be used by adults.

Dental Treatments – Deep cleaning, fluoride treatments, night guards, cosmetic procedures, mouth guards, sealants, bonding, fillings etc.

routine dental check-up

Caring for your teeth with regularity, and visiting your dentist at the specified intervals, is one of the best ways to make sure that the health of your teeth and gums is always maintained. General dentistry is essentially a preventive measure that goes a long way in helping people avoid serious dental problems.

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