Placing of a metal screw in the jaw with minor surgery, so that a crown can be fit over it is call dental implant. Your need to do dental implant in the place of missing tooth, where screw is placed in the jaw bone. Than after few days of healing rest , crown is prepared customized in size, shape and color to match with your set of teeth, and is placed on the screw. Dental Implant Restoration is a surgical procedure, which need a team of experts which high-quality education and educate experience. Here at Life Smile Dental we have it all at your service.

Dental Implant Restoration can be done when?

  • Single tooth is missing

  • Several teeth are missing

  • All of the teeth are missing


When single tooth is missing

In this scenario usually patient take it very lightly and ignore going for dental implant restoration. However this actually increases the trouble for the patient. Because each missing tooth affects other teeth beside it. The teeth adjacent to it tend to shift and move into the empty space, this creating a series of problems for other teeth. That is why it become important to replace each missing tooth timely. And one of the best way is to do dental implant restoration. Where a crown is made on a top of already fitted screw, into the jaw bone in the place of the former root. It will give you the feel of natural tooth if it has being fitted rightly.

When several teeth are missing

More than one crown made together is call bridge. Bridge are usually used in the case of several missing teeth. Even bridge need implant as a base. It depends on how many teeth are missing for numbers of implant. It is important to put two or more implants that can become anchor for bridge. Bridge are usually made in one piece placed on implants. In some cases bridge can be placed on implant one side and on your natural tooth on other side.

All on 4

All-on-4® is a situation where four mini implants are done and place them in a toothless jaw. It is actually a system which combines dentures and dental implants. These mini implants also have their places in the denture, so the dentures are fixed to them. This actually excels in dentures fixation and stability, so that dentures do not move and shift inside the mouth.

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