Regular extraction of the tooth is every tooth removing procedure that not involves bone or gums loss. After a regular extraction of the tooth, you will not have stitches in your mouth, and the extraction wound will slowly heal by itself during several days or weeks.

Why would you need to have your tooth removed?

The reasons for extracting your tooth can be different, and most often those are:

  • A tooth completely destroyed by decay

  • A tooth that is affected by periodontitis

  • Fractured tooth

  • A tooth which has to be removed before having braces so that the rest of the teeth have enough space

  • A tooth which has to be removed before some of the prosthetics procedures


Every tooth removal is done in local anesthesia, and all you can feel during the extraction is the pressure that affects that tooth. You will not feel any pain during your tooth removal. After tooth extraction, when the effect of anesthesia is done, if you feel any pain, you can take some of the analgesics that we recommended to you. Antibiotics should not be taken after the regular tooth removal unless we prescribe it to you.

Tips after tooth removal:

  • Do not eat until the effect of anesthesia is completely done

  • Do not eat or drink anything that is warm

  • Do not swoosh any fluids in your mouth

  • Wash your teeth regularly, just pay attention to the part of the jaw where the tooth is removed, so that you do not get hurt

  • Do not sleep on that side

  • If you swell, put something cold on that part of your face

  • If you feel a very bad taste in your mouth, or notice that the wound is bleeding, let us know

  • If your pain does not go away after you take the analgesics let us know Life Smile Dental by Dr. Navarreteat (305) 558-6832 or request an appointment through this page

What happens after a tooth is removed from your mouth?

Each extracted tooth should be compensated in order to have a nice balanced bite. The teeth that are located next to the tooth that has been removed will begin to lean into an empty space.

These are the procedures that can help you have a new tooth again:

  • Have an implant

  • Make a bridge

  • Have a denture

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